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Did you know! the river Eden and its tributaries offer some of the finest game fishing anywhere in the United Kingdom

This fact is often overlooked by those speeding to some of the better documented Salmon rivers of Scotland. As they dash over the river on the M6 motorway they are possibly unaware of the fine fishing right below them. The mix of private beats and fishing clubs is unsurpassed with good access throughout the whole length of the river, in fact you can be casting a salmon fly right below the Castle walls in the centre of the town and enjoy a night out in the city afterwards.

The River Eden flows through the central heart of the city of Carlisle. The river and its valley is just one of many gems in this part of North East Cumbria. The whole region is a fisherman's paradise and has more fishing waters than any other county in England. The River Eden is considered one of the best salmon rivers in the UK and still holds the record for the largest fly caught salmon.

For the Salmon and Sea Trout Angler

The River Eden is a Prolific Salmon river. There are fish in the system all year round, and the stocks of Spring fish or early running fish are most certainly on the increase allowing anglers to indulge in their chosen sport knowing that that the possibility of catching one or more of these magnificent creatures is a distinct possibility.

Fly fishing and Spinning is available and both methods take their fair share of fish throughout the season on differing water levels and conditions. The possibility of catching one or more of these magnificent creatures is a distinct possibility.

The Eden still enjoys runs of sea trout,  and although like many rivers nowadays the runs are not as prolific as they once were,  nevertheless, they are still around to catch.  And the lower reaches of the Eden in and around the city offer some of the best opportunities to catch one of these fine game fish.

Within a few miles drive of the city you have equally famous rivers like the Annan, Border Esk , Cumbrian Derwent and Tyne so for the game angler there is no better location..

For the Trout and Grayling Angler

Recognised throughout the world for providing world class fly fishing for Brown Trout and Grayling. The Eden and its tributaries like the Caldew, Pettril, Irthing, Eamont and Lowther (among others) provide a staggering range of water types, offering the visiting angler everything from small streams to lake fed freestone rivers, fast shallows and deeper runs, to meandering flats and deeper flows which give the 'all round' angler the opportunity to employ a range of different techniques. Grayling are also abundant throughout the system providing first class sport during the winter months


Superb Coarse Fishing

For the Coarse Angler

Carlisle Angling Association offers superb coarse fishing on the Eden in and around the city. But many tarns, streams, ponds  and lakes in the area offer excellent fishing for a variety of species

The Carlisle Angling Association coarse ticket gives fishermen the chance to fish for chub, grayling and dace. The Eden of the late 1960s, 1970s and early 80s was nationally famous for the quality of its dace fishing before they started to decline then virtually disappear but they seem to be making a bit of a comeback with good numbers now being caught upstream of Carlisle. Chub are still present on Association waters with fish up to 5lbs reported. Grayling are not indigenous to the Eden. They became established after a secret introduction of fry over the churchyard wall at Musgrave at dusk one evening in the 1880’s. They were then present in the system up until the 1960s when their numbers fell following the effects of U.D.N., the dreadful fungal disease that not only affected our salmon. Then in the late 1990's we had a sudden increase in the grayling population and they are now a popular quarry for the bait and fly fishermen, especially during the winter months.

Top Class Sea Angling

For the Sea Angler

Information taken from the Solway Firth Partnership website

The Solway Firth is one of the best sea angling locations in the UK. Large tides and complex currents help supply plentiful nutrients, which in turn support a rich diversity of marine life. The warm waters of the Gulf Stream attract most of the fish species found in British waters. Up to fifty species may be caught from a boat and to catch nine different species in a day from the shore is quite possible. The opportunity for such a catch along with some of the finest tope, ray and pollock fishing in Britain make the area a popular angling destination.

TThe Solway carries an exceptionally high number of landscape and wildlife conservation designations. This reflects the quality of the natural environment, from the immense flats of intertidal sand and saltmarsh of the inner estuary to the rugged cliffs and rocky shores further west. Much of the Cumbrian coastline is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, while the Dumfries and Galloway coastline carries three National Scenic Area designations. The mountains of the Lake District to the south, the Galloway Hills to the north and the Isle of Man nearby create a dramatic backdrop.

The opportunity for such a catch along with some of the finest tope, ray and pollock fishing in Britain make the area a popular angling destination.

Angling Associations/Clubs

  • Carlisle Angling Association

    Controls much of the Eden’s west of the M6 crossing of the Eden with some notable exceptions. Continues down to the tidal waters of the Solway Firth.

  • Carlisle Angling Fishing Permits

    Permits for fishing on water controlled by Carlisle Angling can be purchased from the Tourist Information office in the Old Town Hall Tourist Information.

  • Brampton Angling Association

    Has most of the fishing on the Rivers Irthing and Gelt, the Irthing is Eden’s main tributary running from the Pennines.

  • Penrith Angling Association

    PAA Fisheries comprise some 42.5 miles of excellent fishing including the very important tributaries of Lowther, Eamont and Petteril.

  • Appleby Angling Association

    Controls access to 14 miles of Eden between PAA and KSDAA

  • Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

    For anglers who love fishing in the upper reaches and moorland streams KSDAA is for you

  • Solway Firth Partnership

    Solway Firth Partnership is an independent charity that works to support a vibrant and sustainable local economy while respecting, protecting and celebrating the distinctive character, heritage and natural features of our marine and coastal area

Private Clubs/ Beats/Guides

  • Yorkshire Flyfishers Club

    Has many beats around Penrith and lower down the river.

  • Warwick Hall

    Probaly regarded as one the top beats on the Eden

  • The Eden Owners Association

    Administer much of the river not in the hands of the clubs mostly through the lower middle reaches.

  • Fishpal

    Information and links to fishings.

  • Go Wild in Eden

    Discover hidden gems with access to over 25 challenging fishing beats spread throughout the Eden valley, all on private land.

Guiding and Tuition

  • Cumbria Fly Fishing/

    Fly fishing experiences with tuition in Cumbria on the river Eden for salmon, trout and grayling.

  • The Eden Angler

    Guided fly fishing and tuition/lessons for Trout and Grayling on the River Eden and the Lake District in Cumbria, UK. Fly fishing is also available on the River Eden's tributaries: the River Eamont and River Lowther.

  • Border Game Angling

    Clive Mitchelhill I am a fully qualified and Full Time Game Angling Instructor

Fisherman's Paradise

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